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Love, Hope & Gratitude

Crop close up of young Latino woman show no palm stop hand gesture against racial or gende

From every wound

there is a scar,

and every scar tells a story.

A story that says

"I survived"

 To provide appropriate shelter, comfort and support for people and animals, requiring a safe haven from abuse, abandonment or hardship.

The Love, Hope and Gratitude Foundation aims to raise community awareness and bring hope, love and support to those who need it most…. because no woman, man, child or animal should ever have to live in fear. We invite you to join us on our journey to help stop domestic violence and put an end to the suffering.

The statistics are frighteningCurrently in Australia, two women die through domestic violence every week and one child every two weeks. Not to speak of the hundreds who are injured.

Helping Hands
Holding Hands Up High

Look at the people around you right at this moment;

  • She could be any age, any size, any hair colour, any eye colour

  • She may be wealthy, she may be homeless, she may be anywhere in between

  • She could speak any language, be any nationality or from any country

  • She might be the well-groomed lady driving the BMW who stops next to you at the traffic lights

  • She could also be the grey haired and softly spoken lady who you see each day riding on public transport

  • She may be the young mother sitting in the playground with her two small children

  • She could be the cleaner at your children’s school

  • She may serve your morning coffee at your favourite coffee shop

  • She might be sitting in the same executive business meeting that you are

  • She could be your boss, your employee, your friend, your family member

  • She may not even be a woman – he could also be any one of the above.

  • He or She could be you…

​Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate by age, by gender, by race, by social standing, or by any other ways or means. The sad reality is that it can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime.
The fallout from domestic violence often has far greater reaching implications for our children and our pets; these are often the victims who suffer in silence. A question can be asked ... How would you feel if this was your daughter, sister, mother, or grandchildren? 

Behind The Curtain
Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie

How Can You Make A Difference?

Engaging with Love, Hope and Gratitude offers a transformative avenue for individuals and companies to create a profound impact within their communities.


Through donations, you can provide the crucial financial backing necessary for shelters, counselling services, and educational programs that empower survivors to rebuild their lives.


Volunteering offers a hands-on approach, allowing individuals to directly connect with survivors, offering empathy and support that can be instrumental in their healing journey.


By becoming an ambassador, one takes on the vital role of raising awareness, breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence, and encouraging conversations that lead to societal change.


Becoming a sponsor enables Love, Hope and Gratitude to expand support networks.


Each avenue presents an opportunity to contribute to a safer, more compassionate society – one where survivors are uplifted, perpetrators are held accountable, and the cycle of violence is dismantled piece by piece.

Image by Karina Vorozheeva

Need help or just need to talk?

Our Sponsors

We can only provide the work that we do through the generosity and support of our sponsors.

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