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Glyn Scott Creates Legal History

Australian Legal History Made - Glyn Scott of South Australia humbly makes legal history in a case that went all the way to the High Court of Australia

Our warrior and Founder Glyn Scott was featured in The Weekend Australian (page 25 of the Magazine) on the 21 May 2016.

The Weekend Australian interviewed Glyn about her extraordinary and sad story of endless beatings and rape at the hands of her husband at the time. Glyn is a survivor and has lived through horrific domestic violence to become the amazingly strong and driven person that she is today.

The story in The Australian calls Glyn an "Unlikely Warrior." Due to a suppression order, Glyn's identity until now been unknown. Glyn made Australian legal history after suffering years of hardship and pain. Click here to watch the video, or here to read the article in the Australian.

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